Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Can I shower with my jewelry?

Of course, the beaded jewelry can be worn while showering, exercising, and doing other activities. Be mindful of the jewelry during strong movements.

  •  How can I remove my beaded jewelry?

Bracelets: Kindly remove bracelets and place them in a clean, dry place if needed; other than that, they can be worn at all times.

Waist beads: If the waist beads are not tied on tightly and are loose, they can be removed like removing a top. But it is tied on tightly; you can use scissors to cut the beads.

  •  How-to tie-on waist beads?

Carefully place waist bead around your waist, then measure how tight or loose you want it to sit on your waistline. Next, remove the excess of beads, then tie the string tightly about three times or so, then cut the excess string, and Voila!

  •  Will my jewelry fit me?

Bracelets are one size fit all and made with elastic cord; therefore, they are made big enough to fit most wrist sizes.

Waist beads are 50 inches long and will fit most body sizes.